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Social Distancing

Social distancing

Please observe the 2m social distancing guidance when on the school site.

Children should walk next to their Parent / Carer during drop off and pick up.


All adults will continue to remain 2m apart from each other and minimise close contact with pupils.


The Government advice acknowledges that primary age children cannot be expected to remain 2 metres apart from each other and staff. So controls in schools centre on this hierarchy:

  • avoiding contact with anyone with symptoms
  • frequent hand cleaning and good hygiene practices
  • regular cleaning paying particular attention to contact points / hard surfaces including light switches, door handles, taps etc.
  • minimising contact and mixing – ‘consistent class bubbles’


Pupils will be sat, side by side, in designated places and avoid close face to face contact. It is not expected that younger pupils will be able to maintain a social distance from each other although they will be supported not to touch staff and their peers, where possible.