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School Improvement Plan

Key Objectives 2021 to 2022


In February 2018 OfSTED judged that Flamstead Village School continues to be a good school.  There were 2 main recommendations:


  •  To ensure that the strongest teaching that exists within the school continues to be shared so that pupils’ progress is accelerated further;
  •  To ensure that the most able pupils in key stage 1 are consistently challenged to reach the higher standers of which they are capable, particularly in mathematics. (4.2)



Key objectives:


Quality of Education

Key Development 1: To ensure all staff have a shared understanding of the expectations of the school’s intent the primary curriculum across all year groups.

  • Reading: To support new teachers in the planning and delivery of guided reading.
  • Reading: To ensure early reading scheme matches closely with pupils phonic levels.
  • Phonics: New staff confident in delivering RWInc phonic scheme
  • Writing: To ensure writing is taught through a clear sequence, incorporating grammar, handwriting and spelling
  • Maths: To ensure key skills are secure in Maths
  • Maths: To teach KS2 as one cohort for Maths
  • Computer Science To implement and embed the new computing scheme Purple Mash
  • To review assessment for learning practices


Quality of Education in the Early Years

Key Development 2: To enhance the quality of provision in the Early Years.

  • To improve quality of provision through the Learning environment.
  • To provide opportunities for children to use and develop independence in accessing their learning environment alongside quality adult interactions.
  • To facilitate next step learning during CHIL.


Behaviour and Attitude

Key Development 3: Pupils consistently have highly positive attitudes and commitment to their education.

To continue to increase the resilience of our pupils by developing independence and perseverance.

  • To ensure consistency in behavior strategies across the school
  • To continue to increase the resilience of our pupils by developing independence and perseverance.


Personal Development

Key Development 4: To promote physical and mental health of pupils and staff.  To ensure pupils know what if means to be a good citizen

  • To continue to monitor pupil & staff health and well-being following Covid-19
  • To ensure pupils know what it means to be a good citizen
  • To ensure all pupils are aware of how to keep physically healthy


Leadership and Management

Key Development 5:  To improve aspects of leadership and governance

  • To ensure the ECT is fully supported during her induction period.
  • To ensure new staff have a complete induction process
  • To continue to develop the role of the subject leaders so that they have a deeper understanding to drive their subject forward and improve pupil outcomes.
  • To continue to develop high levels of governance to provide appropriate support and challenge
  • To work with HfL to reduce deficit and plan the budget to ensure future years are financially viable.