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July 2017

 Annual Report from Governing Body to Parents

Flamstead Village School

July 2017


Curriculum Developments

The school has continued to deliver a successful curriculum and the vast majority of the children in both Key Stages have attained well – Our results with few exceptions exceed the national average and in many cases exceed Hertfordshire standards.


Many of you will be aware of the Maths initiative, in which the children are now taught in year groups. As well as having a positive effect on the Maths this has had a surprising knock-on effect in improving the reading standards as the children are getting more opportunities for guided reading while their class mates are having their Maths lesson.


Premises Developments

The exterior of the building has now been cladded which should improve the insulation and the look of the building. Recent work to the heating system is now complete and where necessary, boxed in. There will be some on-going work in the near future to move the server to make a better group room.



I am pleased to report that the staffing situation has remained stable throughout this academic year.


School Roll

School numbers remain around 100 – there are always in-year gains and losses but on the whole the numbers have been steady.


Governing Body

The current governing body has been stable throughout the year. We welcomed Sam Carter, and we bid goodbye at the end of term to Mark Tibbett. We also have to bid goodbye to our Clerk, Phil Murray. He has been a mine of information and support to all of us, especially me in the rôle of chair.


We will be seeking a new parent governor for the autumn term. Please do consider standing for election. New members very welcome. There are only five FGB meetings each year and although you will need to join one of the sub-groups, these too, only meet 3 – 5 times per year.


All the governors have undergone a variety of training throughout the year to make sure that we are up to date with all aspects of school development and make regular visits to school either because of their subject interest, of because of a particular responsibility such as Safeguarding or Special Needs


Future Developments – Academisation

This is a topic that has been discussed at every Full Governing Body (FGB) meeting this year.



The government is no longer funding schools through local authorities. It is their intention that all maintained schools will become academies; that is, self governing educational entities, over the period of the next two years or so.


However, a little school such as ours cannot become a “stand alone” academy. The number of pupils to make an academy viable is approx. 1,500.


Therefore schools are joining together in mostly geographical areas to form Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs)


Church schools, Church of England or Roman Catholic will go automatically into a MAT created by their diocese. We are not a church school so we have to find some other MAT to join.


Hertfordshire is in the process of creating a MAT under the auspices of Herts for Learning, the body that provides certain services to schools on a traded basis already. It may well be that this is a good route for us to pursue, and the Head and governors are giving every consideration to all possible options to find the right solution for Flamstead.


So far there is NO decision nor, at the moment, any need to make one, but as Chair I felt is was time to give you an outline of the situation as it is at present.


This summary about academisation is necessarily brief, but I am happy to answer any specific questions. We will keep you informed of progress and of any decision and decision time-line, when we need to have one.


For all practical purposes, you and your children will not notice anything different. The whole enterprise is about management, finance and governance.



This has been a good year with a number of positive developments:

  • The Maths teaching in year groups
  • The Forest School
  • A more robust in-house assessment programme which means that results are more consistent with external assessments
  • Regular swimming throughout the year for years 3 and 4 which is not weather dependent.
  • The further embedding and development of the Values Based System.


These are but a few instances of the positive progress that the school continues to make.


My thanks go to Ms Jones and all the teaching and support staff for the wonderful job they do every day to provide such a good education and supportive atmosphere in school.


My thanks also to you as parents – without the strong commitment of parents to the school and its values we would not be so successful.


Mary Jenkin

Chair of Governors.